Marbled Christmas Ornaments

We are one week away from Thanksgiving, but obviously, I am dreaming of a white Christmas, more specifically a white and gold Christmas. I am in love with everything marble, including ornaments and after striking out everywhere I decided to just make them myself.  That brings me to my first blog post!



Ahhh this is one of my favorite cheapo DIY projects, costing around $10.  It’s so quick and easy and only requires a few things you might already have.  If not, any craft store should have all of the supplies you’ll need.

What you’ll need:

  • clear plastic ornaments (any size will do!)
  • any acrylic paint (Gold Metallic Paint this or similar)
  • marbling paint (I used this white marbling paint)
  • plastic solo cups for drying
  • paper towels

Did I mention that this is the EASIEST  DIY ever? Choosing colors for these ornaments is probably the hardest part. To start remove the metal ornament cap and start squirting small globs of paint around the inside.  Alternate between metallic paint and marbling paint. Note: marbling paint will be more watered down than the secondary color, it will be trial and error at first but the end product will be beautiful!  After globbing away, SHAKE the ornament sideways while holding a paper towel over the opening. Dry your beauties upside down or on their side, add your metal cap and VOILA! Beautiful, inexpensive, custom marbled Christmas ornaments.


These are a great idea for quick and easy gifts or hoard them all to yourself! I’m also obsessed with using them as a vase filler!


Cheers to a marbled Christmas!

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