Oh (flocked) Christmas Tree

SEVEN years ago when our relationship was new we bought our first Christmas tree.  I remember that day so well actually,  I wanted to decorate a tree so badly I settled (they were out of all of the white light trees) for a pre-lit multi-colored 7.5ft tree.  For years this tree has bugged me, again, I’m dreaming of a white and gold Christmas with a fluffy flocked tree.  I’ve had my eye on a few from Balsam Hill and The King of Christmas, but for now, we aren’t spending $600+ on a new tree.  This brings me to the most genius idea I’ve ever had! LETS FLOCK THIS B OURSELVES.  I jumped onto Amazon and found this amazing product, and after reading two reviews (seriously that’s all it takes me to potentially ruin a perfectly good tree) I bought this Professional Grade Snow Flock. I started with the 2lbs bag, and I still have leftovers.

What You’ll Need:

  • Snow Flock
  • A Mesh Sifter
  • A Spray Bottle
  • A Christmas tree, artificial or real! (This is pretty close to our 7-year-old tree)
  • Something to cover the floor (we used an old shower curtain liner that I had no problem tossing as soon as this project was done)
  • The directions suggest using protective eyewear, and gloves, we didn’t use either because we like to live on the edge didn’t really have any, we lived. DISCLAIMER: I STRONGLY SUGGEST FOLLOWING ALL DIRECTIONS ACCORDING TO THE PACKAGING.

Here’s What We Did:

  1. Prep your workspace and cover the ground under your tree.
  2. Set up and fluff the Christmas tree, I am crazy about fluffing so this took a lot of time.
  3. Spray the entire tree down with the spray bottle, this helps the flock stick to the branches
  4. Use a disposable cup to add flocking powder to your sifter
  5. Start from the top of your tree and sift the flock while spraying it down with water.
  6. Continue this process down the entire tree.
  7. You can flock as much or as little as you want..

A Few Before, During and Afters:


I am SO happy with how this project turned out, it was kind of a mess when we first brought it inside from the garage it vacuumed up easily and isn’t shedding any extra flock now.  My husband is also thrilled I didn’t buy a $600+ tree.


I can’t believe how beautiful this tree turned out.

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