Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! Social distancing is keeping us from our normal hectic Easter routine, but I’m loving it. This slowed down pace of life was initially unwanted but something our family needed. We needed this time together. My husband works, a lot, for that I am filled with gratitude but the other day he said to me “it’s so cool to see how much the baby is changing so fast- I never realized it before” and it’s so true- he hasn’t been able to see first hand how quickly babies change and he is an amazing involved and hands-on dad. I have been thinking about all of this time home together and how precious it really is.  Often times when everything is taken away you realize how blessed you really are, so today we are grateful. 

This Easter is a different one, but we are rolling with it.  We’re considering making adaptations to our social obligations from now on, and I’m not mad about it. Hopefully, everyone’s experiencing some form of calm in all of this chaos! Meanwhile, here are some of our DIY Easter photos, note no creepy Easter Bunny:


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