Hello, friends!

During this scary time of COVID-19, I wanted to change the focus of my blog and it’s intention- I want to know what YOU’RE doing! How are you moming during this time, how are you surviving, how are you thriving? The intention of this new blog is to focus on FOUR categories: EAT, SLEEP, PLAY AND, MOM!

EAT: WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR KIDS?! Let’s help each other through feedings, share your breakfast lunch and dinner ideas! Anything from Goldfish to Chicken Cordon Bleu. We want to know what is working, what isn’t working… What Kind of cups and plates and utensils (hands included) do your kids love? What is your mealtime routine?

SLEEP: HOW ARE YOUR KIDS SLEEPING?! Are naptimes out of wack? Are they better than ever? Share your favorite sleep tips! Looking for sleep help? Someone here might be able to help you! This is a community!

PLAY: WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS LOVING TO PLAY WITH?! Did you order something new? What are your favorite games, toys, crafts? Are your kids riding bikes, using bounce houses or trampolines? Are your kids obsessed with chalk? Are your toddlers eating chalk? SHARE YOUR FAVORITE PLAY TIPS!

MOM: HOW ARE YOU?! What things are saving your sanity during this time? Are you binge-watching Tiger King, Did Carole Baskin feed her husband to the tigers? (obviously, yes.. she did it. I have no legal knowledge of that I’m not making accusations.) Are you drinking? Are you baking? Are you desperate for a break? Are you loving this time home? WE want to know! SHARE YOUR FAVORITE MOM TIPS!

This blog feels new and fresh, it’s purpose is to be a breath of fresh air, a calm in the chaos. I want to collaborate with you! Email, message, comment, follow on Instagram and let us know how you’re moming during this crazy time! Let’s build a fun community of moms all with one goal ahead, getting through this pandemic as safely, healthily and quickly as possible while loving our kids, our families and ourselves.




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