DIY Puffy Paint!

My toddler goes bananas for this stuff! It’s so easy to make and CLEANS UP LIKE A DREAM 

What You Need:

1/4 Cup WASHABLE Non-Toxic Glue

1/2 Cup Shaving Cream Foam

Food coloring, we use 2 drops to start and add more to deepen colors



Mix glue and shaving foam in a small bowl, separate paint into a few sections or in separate bowls. Add food coloring as desired, starting with 2 drops and adding more to deepen colors. Use regular paint brushes and paint away!

Note: We use a small bowl of water to clean brushes between colors- well, we try (my toddler just mixes everything) And a few paper towels! Nothing unusual for a paint project.

THATS IT! This recipe cleans up so easily, it’s one of our favorite go to recipes for a rainy day or a card making session! Have you tried puffy paint before? I’d love to try how you make it!

-How They Mom


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